Friday, September 13, 2013

Gallagher Law Library Tours for Law Students

You're about to start law school at UW and you hear that you'll be spending an awful lot of time in Gallagher Law Library over the next three years. Recognized as the "backbone of the School of Law's heritage", Gallagher Law Library is excited to welcome incoming and returning UW law students! To help introduce you to your new "home away from home", the Gallagher Reference Librarians are offering tours of the Law Library to incoming and returning UW law students! 

There's a seat here with your name on it!  Not literally, but you know what we mean.
You may have already visited the Law Library but do you know: 
  • How to get into the Library after it has closed to the public?
  • Where you can go to ask research questions? 
  • How many printers are in the Library at your disposal?
  • Where you can find study aids in the Library?
  • How to gain entry into the exclusive Bogle & Gates Law Student Lounge? 
For answers to these questions and more, sign up here to tour the Law Library and meet some of your friendly Gallagher Reference Librarians!  If you're already vastly familiar with the Law Library but want to check Reference Office hours or find one of the helpful research guides created by the Gallagher Reference Librarians, the Law Library home page is a great place to start!

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