Monday, December 2, 2013

ABA’s Seventh Annual Blawg 100 Contest

The ABA Journal currently has its polls open to vote for your favorite legal blog. With the thousands of legal blogs out there in the blogosphere, it seems to be an honor just to make the top 100 list.  Nominees use their intellect, creativity, and wit to further advance the legal profession. Not only are some of these blogs fun, but many also provide thorough and educated explanations of current legal events.

Check out this list and vote for your favorites here.

Polls opened Nov. 25 and will close Dec. 20.

There are already a few front runners in each of the 13 categories, which range from criminal justice to legal technology.

Some of my favorites include:
·       Defrosting Cold Cases
o   “A mixture of interviews with true-crime authors and profiles of real cold cases, Defrosting Cold Cases is both fascinating and heartbreaking.”
·       Abnormal Use
o   “If you're suing because your yoga pants are see-through, or because hoisting up the back end of a running snowmobile left you short one leg, chances are your case could end up analyzed by the bloggers at Abnormal Use. Strictly speaking, Abnormal Use is a product-liability blog, but the writers are also interested in technology issues like social media discovery.”
·       Lady(Legal) Write
o   “Tips on legal writing are always fantastic, but this blog by Megan E. Boyd also includes real-life cautionary tales of the pitfalls of poor legal writing. Polish your punctuation with her guidance.”
·       LegallyWeird
o   “Run by FindLaw, Legally Weird's mission is to hunt out the strangest and most ridiculous current events with a legal angle. If you find yourself with some free time and an over-elevated regard for the intelligence of the criminal underworld, click on the ‘Dumb Crime’ category and prepare to laugh and wince in equal measure.”
o   “This microblog, born in March, has caught fire and spawned imitators. ‘With nothing but Tumblr and impeccable taste in celebrity GIFs,’ this blog ‘transports readers directly into the id of public defenders everywhere,’ writes Litigation & Trial's Max Kennerly. ‘You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll want a drink.’”

Check out the list of all 100 nominees and vote! At the very least, you may add some new bookmarks to your browser.

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