Friday, December 27, 2013

Law Librarian Blogs Win a Blawggie Award

In the 10th year of Dennis Kennedy's Blawggie Awards, Law Librarian Blogs got the award in the Best Law-Related Blog Category.
I use this category annually to highlight the blogs written by law librarians, a category that I don’t think gets enough attention. These blogs are places to find great information, help for finding information, links to great resources and just plain interesting insights into topics like knowledge management and our changing world of information. If you want to try just one, Sabrina Pacifici’s BeSpacific Blog provides a steady stream of links to great US government and other information. The Law Librarian Blog is a great starting place and there’s a great list of law library blogs here.
On behalf of all of the law librarian bloggers out there, thanks for the shout-out Dennis!

In addition to Gallagher Blogs, here are some other great, local law librarian blogs:

  • Legal Scholarship Blog, a collaboration between the Ohio State, University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Washington law libraries. A great source for learning about calls for papers, conferences, and symposia. Gallagher reference librarian Mary Whisner is a major contributor to this blog.
  • Seattle University Law Library blog features information about new books, databases, legal research guides,  and Today in Legal History information.
  • Trial Advocacy Notes. Mary Whisner created this blog to support the Trial Advocacy Program at UW Law.
For more links see the list of Law Library Blogs maintained by the Computing Services Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries.

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