Friday, June 15, 2018

Law360 For Legal News!

For current awareness, it is important to keep up with news-related changes in the law. Law360, a LexisNexis company, is a subscription-based news service that can help there. It is listed in Selected Databases on the library’s homepage. The articles provide insights into various subject areas such as intellectual property law and Native American law. One of its main features provides users an opportunity to search by topic using the Advanced Search tool. Through this tool, one can search by topic using the standard search operators such as AND, OR, or NOT along with other search fields. For instance, if one wants to learn more about Uber or Lyft and the gig economy, one can perform the following search:

1. Go to Law360 Advanced Search (UW Restricted) (in Gates Hall only).

2. Construct the search as follows: (Uber or Lyft) AND "gig economy" into the search box.

3. Examine the results.

For more information or helpful tips on this tool, visit the Law360 Advanced Search Guide. For more information on staying up to date with new legal developments, make sure to check out the law library research guide on staying current.

(Law360 is only available in Gates Hall. You can get some content via Lexis. 8/3/18)

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