Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Library Summer Hours 2018

The law library summer schedule will start on June 13th, this will continue through August 20th. 

Sunday June 10th - 12th Interim:
The library is closed on Sunday June 10th to Tuesday June 12th for Interim. 

Summer Quarter Schedule (June 13-Aug. 20):
Mon: Library open 8am to 8pm; Reference open 9am-12pm, 1pm-3pm
Tus-Fri: Library open 8am to 5pm; Reference open 9am-12pm, 1pm-3pm
Sat-Sun: Library is closed

July 4th Holiday:
The library is closed on Wednesday, July 4.

August 20th Interim:
The library is closed on Monday, August 20th for the first day of interim.

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