Wednesday, September 30, 2020

International Translation Day #ITD2020

 In honor of International Translation Day, take a look at the UW Language Learning Center's site.  I'm intrigued by the streaming video options, particularly SCOLA, a non-profit educational organization that receives and re-transmits television and radio programming from around the world in native languages.

In the section for on-demand video, you can search by language and by genre. Just for fun, I tuned in to a children's program in Farsi. I don't know any Farsi, but it was interesting to see some cute Iranian kids, puppets, a woman dressed up in colorful robes, and a cartoon. Of course, if you know another language (or are learning it), these videos would be even more interesting!

cartoon of boyriding paper airplane, sun, rainbow
Image from the opening credits of فرزندان ایران originally broadcast 3/5/20.
Google Translate tells me the title means "Children of Iran." 

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