Tuesday, October 20, 2020

National Day on Writing

The National Council of Teachers of English has declared October 20 the National Day on Writing "to help writers from all walks of life recognize how important writing is to their lives." Law students and lawyers might not need much of a reminder, since putting words on paper (or onto a computer screen) is one of their key activities, but why not celebrate the day anyway?

To hear a lot of interesting people talk about writing, visit Bryan Garner's LawProse website, where you can choose "Judges, Lawyers, Writers on Writing" or "Supreme Court Interviews." The first collection includes law professors, judges, and one person from outside the law—the novelist and essayist David Foster Wallace.

You can also watch Bryan Garner's Writing Lessons on YouTube.

You probably already know a lot about writing sentences, but this short video, "6 Ways to Start a Sentence" can help prepare you for Halloween (just eleven days away!) as well as help you think about, well, different ways to start a sentence.

Are you tired of watching videos on your computer screen? Yeah, me too. I think a lot of us are Zoom-weary. So why not observe this National Day on Writing by picking up a pen or pencil and writing something on paper?

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