Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Faculty Publication: Robert Gomulkiewicz's Casebook on Licensing Intellectual Property

Robert W. Gomulkiewicz, Xuan-Thao Nguyen & Danielle M. Conway, Licensing Intellectual Property: Law and Application (2d ed. Aspen Publishers 2011) (Aspen Casebook Series). 700 pages.

The second edition of Prof. Gomulkiewicz's casebook has just been published by Aspen.

Unlike standard casebooks, this one contains an overview "that gives the reader an overall picture of licensing in a particular context." It also provides a collection of Materials that enable the reader "to learn more about license transactions and the laws that make up the body of law that we call licensing law." Included are the text of the Creative Commons license, provisions of the U.S. copyright law, and several cases.

The book is organized into the following chapters:
  1. Licensing Transactions and Law (the overview and materials)
  2. Common License Provisions
  3. Drafting Licenses
  4. Trademark Licensing
  5. Licensing the Right of Publicity
  6. Patent Licensing
  7. Trade Secret Licensing
  8. Copyright Licensing
  9. Software Licensing
  10. Information and Database Licensing
  11. Multimedia Licensing
  12. University Intellectual Property Transfers
  13. Intellectual Property and Government Contracts
  14. Licensing in the Business Life Cycle: From Financing to Bankruptcy
  15. Intellectual Property Licenses and Taxation
Each chapter contains selected cases and other material, problems, and drafting exercises.

For those interested in the practice side of this issue, Prof. Gomulkiewicz and his co-authors have written another book: Intellectual Property, Software, and Information Licensing: Law and Practice (BNA 2006 & 2010 supp.). KF3145.N458 2006 on Course Reserve

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