Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Faculty Publication: Ron Collins on Free Expression in America

Ronald K.L. Collins & Sam Chaltain, We Must Not Be Afraid to Be Free: Stories of Free Expression in America (Oxford University Press 2011).

Prof. Collins, the School of Law's Harold S. Shefelman Scholar, has co-authored this collection of 10 First Amendment stories, "filtered through the lenses of freedom and fear."

The stories involve cases of anarchists, Communists, cross- and flag-burning, defamation, and national security. Anastaplo, Ellsberg, Meiklejohn, and Mary Beth Tinker. Instead of standard academic text, readers will enjoy compelling narratives about the people in these cases, their causes and personalities, and the Supreme Court Justices who decided their cases.
By telling the history of some of the people who have helped shape our law of freedom of expression -- the litigants, lawyers, lawmakers, and judges -- we hop to retell more than a few remarkable chapters in our nation's struggle for freedom of speech, press, petition, and assembly. At times, the struggles were honorable; at other times, they were shameful. But the common thread in our stories is the people who wove their way into the quilt of our nation's constitutional history.
This book is located in the Classified Stacks at KF4772.C65 2011.

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