Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is C. Wonder a Tory Burch Rip-Off?

When Tory Burch created her gorgeous flats, female attorneys everywhere rejoiced that they no longer needed to hoof in 4-inch pumps to court but could wear comfortable, courtroom appropriate, and beautiful flats! Tory may have to wear some of her flats to court as well due to some issues with her ex-husband, Chris Burch.

Chris Burch recently stepped down from his co-chair position at the Tory Burch brand. While the couple has remained publicly amicable since their 2006 divorce, trouble seems to be brewing between their brands.

Rumor has it that Tory Burch is upset by similarities in her ex-husband's new fashion line, C. Wonder to her own namesake brand. A recent New York Magazine article detailed similarities in brand items and discussed former Tory Burch employees who have since moved on to C. Wonder. Tory Burch was awarded $164 million last summer in a suit against online counterfeiters - whether the company will pursue claims
against former co-chair Chris Burch for perceived similarities in his brand, C. Wonder or a breach of fiduciary duty remains to be seen.

The conflict is fraught with potential trademark law issues, corporate law issues, family law issues and community vs. separate property issues. The library has a myriad of relevant resources. See our trademark law research guide, corporate law research guide, and family law research guide. All the potential issues could cause major migraines for attorneys on both sides, but hey, at least their feet won't be hurting!

Photo Credit 1: Tory Burch
Photo Credit 2: New York Magazine

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