Monday, April 23, 2012

Law Library Resource Highlight: Free Law Online

Students, remember that the reference librarians and law librarianship interns have created  more than 100 great online Legal Research Guides to help you get started on your research project!  Our Research Guides can save you time and point you in the right direction when you’re tackling a research issue.  The Guides can be accessed on the Library’s home page or at the following link:  

The Library has recently been working on updating our Free Law Online Guide by revising sections and moving them to their own pages.  You can take a look at the in-progress page at:  We hope to have all of the categories of the original Free Law Online page updated and moved to the new platform by the end of Spring quarter.

You can find links to many helpful resources in Free Law Online, including:

Washington State
  • Bills and Laws
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Municipal Codes and Ordinances
  • Public Records
  • Executive Orders

  • U.S. Rules and Regulations
  • U.S. Court Opinions
  • U.S. Constitution

Other States
  • State Agency Databases

Foreign Countries
  • World Legal Information Institute (an excellent resource for the laws of foreign countries)

Note that some of the sites in Free Law Online are UWRestricted, which means that they are only available to University of Washington faculty, students, and staff and visitors to UW Libraries.  Free Law Online does not include material that is available on Westlaw or LexisNexis.  Let us know what you think about Free Law Online!

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