Monday, April 16, 2012

National Library Week Peepshow Winners!

The polls are closed and the votes have been tallied.
Here are the peeps around whom you rallied:

Legal Peeple Winner: Washington's Peepulist Constitution

Congratulations to Mary Whisner, one of the Gallagher Law Library's own reference librarians, who created this detailed, multi-peep entry.

Mary's interest in this subject runs deep; for the last year or so she has been working on a digital project involving the origins of the Washington Constitution.

Library Peeple Winner: Secrets of Serial Peepers

A single vote separated the number 1 and 2 entries in this category, with the Serial Peepers edging out Pearl's Peeps. Those clever creators in the Law Library's serials department crafted another multi-peep entry. Congratulations all around!!

Peeple's Choice Winner: Angry Peeps
Who could resist the peeps' impression of Rovio's Angry Birds, one of the most popular smartphone games of the past year. Our best in show ultimate winner is Anna Endter, a law librarianship intern.

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries and to peeple who voted for their favorites. We hope you all enjoyed National Library Week!

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