Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Law and Copycats

If you've been operating under the assumption that nobody likes a copycat, the billion dollar knock-off industry would seem to indicate otherwise.   Copycats have raked in cash peddling faux Crocs and untrue True Religion jeans but copycats are not isolated only to the fashion industry.

The Knockoff Economy: How Imitation Sparks Innovation

In The Knockoff Economy: How Imitation Sparks Innovation, authors  Kal Raustiala and Christopher Sprigman explore copycats in fashion, cuisine, comedy, fonts, finance, music and even football through a fascinating legal lens!  The book is available at Gallagher Law Library in the Classified Stacks at KF3080 .R38 2012.  

If you don't have the time to check out the book, visit the Knockoff Economy blog for some shorter (but still interesting) notes on copycats!

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