Monday, March 18, 2013

Crocs Chomps on Lawsuit Victory Against Counterfeiters

At the end of 2012, Chinese courts sentenced eighteen Crocs counterfeiters to a total of more than 46 years in prison. One might be surprised that the comfortable footwear company has taken a less than relaxed approach against counterfeiters.

Dan Hart, the chief legal and administrative officer for Crocs made the following statement “If you attempt to produce or sell infringing Crocs products, we are going to find you and take definitive action to protect our intellectual property...We will not tolerate counterfeiters compromising our brand, and will continue to work with the authorities to hunt down and prosecute anyone who uses Crocs’ name, design or other intellectual property without permission.” Yikes, apparently Crocs have teeth!

Up until September 2012, more than 600,000 pairs of counterfeit Crocs were confiscated in China. In the meantime, we are left wondering how many of the 600,000 pairs of plastic footwear were destined for the "country's most dressed-down city"?

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