Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The HeinOnline Goldmine

We frequently post about the amazing individual databases available on HeinOnline, but have you ever wondered why anyone would choose HeinOnline over Westlaw or Lexis? The reason: it's a goldmine! Instead of endlessly searching in Westlaw, only to find that they don't have what you need, think about HeinOnline. Read on to find out which resources HeinOnline has available to save time.

A sampling of the goldmine available on HeinOnline at UW: (if linking from off-campus, remember to click the "off-campus access" button first!)

-Journals: More than 1,700 law and law-related periodicals and more than 80 state and local bar journals, most going back to the very first edition.

-US Government Documents:
- Subject Compilations of State Laws: A comparison of state laws on a single subject? Amazing.
- Legislative History: The work is already done for you for some federal legislation!

- Foreign and International Documents:
  • Foreign and International Law Resource Database
  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
  • European Foreign Relations of the United States
  • World Constitutions
  • Illustrated World Trials Library
  • Treaties and Agreements Library
  • Canada Supreme Court Reports
- Weird, Cool, and Old Stuff:
AND, there's an app for all that!
So cash in on the goldmine that is HeinOnline!

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