Tuesday, March 26, 2013

South Korea Banning Miniskirts...Again?

South Korea approved a new "overexposure law" that went into effect on March 22.  The legislation imposes a fine of 50,000 KRW (US$45) on people deemed to be "overexposed" in public. While "police have said the overexposure fine doesn't have anything to do with skirt length or revealing outfits in general", some South Koreans are still wary and view the new law as a step backwards.  Back to the 1970s when President Park Chung-hee (current South Korean President Park Geun-hye's father) banned "rock music, miniskirts for women and long hair for men". Though the National Police Agency's Inspector Ko Jun-ho told CNN: "Any reports that we will be regulating what people are wearing are completely false", celebrities and politicians remain unconvinced taking to twitter to comment:
Politician Ki Sik Kim wrote: 'Why does the state interfere with how citizens dress?
Lee Hyori wrote: 'Is the overexposure fine for real? I'm so dead.'
Nancy Lang posted a picture of herself holding a 50,000 KRW note next to her cleavage.
Until the law is enforced, speculation on how the government will define "overexposed" will continue. If this subject fascinates you and you'd like to learn a little more about South Korea's legal system, check out the Foreign Law Guide!  The Foreign Law Guide* provides an introduction which describes the origin and history of the country, its legislative and judicial systems, introductory works, and major legal publications.  The Foreign Law Guide can be accessed from the Gallagher Law Library homepage under Selected Databases.   In the meantime:

*Please note the Foreign Law Guide is UW Restricted.
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