Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Faux" Fur Bites Back with Help from FTC!

The highly publicized, "I'd Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur" PETA campaign featuring celebrities in the nude has been so successful that many fashion icons now denounce the use of real fur.  The rising popularity of faux fur has created a new problem for the Federal Trade Commission: retailers selling real fur labelled as faux! Yesterday, retailers including Neiman Marcus agreed to settle FTC charges alleging the retailers misled consumers by marketing genuine fur products as faux.  The products are now identified as "faux faux fur".   

Some of the faux faux fur products identified include:
  • An Alice and Olivia coat trimmed with a dark "faux" fur collar.
  • A Stuart Weitzman flat with a "faux" fur pom.  The "faux" fur turned out to be rabbit fur.  In other news, the Easter Bunny plans to skip over Neiman Marcus and Stuart Weitzman... indefinitely.

  • PETA Senior Vice President, Dan Matthews explains “The lines between real and fake have gotten really blurry...In this global marketplace, there are fur farms in China that raise dogs for clothing that is labeled as fake fur here in the U.S. because that’s what the market best responds to.” Uncool.  Faux fur from dogs, real dogs, is not faux.  Faux fur from faux dogs is still not faux... in this guy's opinion.

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