Thursday, January 13, 2011

How Would YOU Balance the State Budget?

screenshot - Washington's Budget, map of Washington,list of budget areas
The League of Education Voters has designed an interactive puzzle that lets you try to balance the state's budget. You learn the amount we're in the red ($4.6 billion) and check off different programs you would like to reduce or cut altogether. The amount of red in the state map diminishes each time you cut something, until you finally reach $0. (I tried this: it's tough!)

KUOW invites comments on how you would fix the state budget for use in a talk program on Jan. 27.

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Replevin for a Cow said...

It's a shame that several policy options aren't on the table. I'd like to see "pass I-1098" (the failed income tax on high earners); "legalize, regulate, and tax 'medical' marijuana and the state's dispensaries," and "build time machine, prevent Iraq war, distribute the trillion dollars as aid to cash-strapped states."