Thursday, January 20, 2011

Scads of Washington News Sources Online

There are lots of reasons to use local news sources: researching attorneys or judges, getting information about trials, hearing what legislators said about bills they were pushing for, and so on. (You can also look up the scores of your high school basketball team, your grandfather's obituary, or your cousin's wedding announcement.)

We have a new guide listing Washington state newspapers -- and some TV and radio stations -- with links to their websites and information about where you can find them online.

Did you know that the UW Libraries subscribe to databases that include a lot more Washington newspapers than are available on LexisNexis and Westlaw? Through the UW Libraries, we also have access to a digital backfile of the Seattle Times, all the way back to 1900. And from the Washington State Archives, we have newspapers pre-1900!

The guide still has some gaps, but there's plenty to get you started in your quest for news!

image from Washington Gazette
Graphic: Image from front page of the Washington Gazette, Aug. 15, 1863, from Historic Newspapers in Washington

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