Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Images of Justice

It is not unusual to see a statue or a painting of a figure representing "Justice" in public buildings, especially courthouses. The figure on the left is Themis, Goddess of Justice. If you would like to learn more about this figure and other images representing Justice, check out our research guide on Themis.

Last Friday, Slate had a short article about images of Justice that includes a linked slide show showing different representations of Justice from the past. How has the image of Justice changed over time, and why? Check it out!

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Baron Bramwell said...

Has anyone objected to depictions of Themis (or Justitia, her Roman counterpart,) in U.S. courthouses on Establishment Clause grounds? (Attorney General John Ashcroft famously objected on "decency" grounds.) I suspect that Lady Justice forms part of America's "civil religion" and would thus survive such a challenge.