Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Pac Rim Issue

Congratulations to the editors of Pacific Rim Law and Policy Journal, who brought out their January 2011 issue last week. Abstracts are available on the journal's website.

Articles by outside authors address constitutional review in Taiwan, China's compliance with international law, and land expropriation in rural China. Student comments discuss Australian environmental law (Jessica T. Dales), the overrepresentation of Maori in New Zealand's criminal justice system (Joanna Hess), federal immigration law in the Northern Mariana Islands (Robert J. Misulich), and domestic violence redress in China (Hai-Ching Yang)

Pac Rim performs a service few other law journals do: translating legal commentary from Asia. In this issue Jiameng Kathy Liu translates an article by a Japanese professor about ethical issues in medical patents.

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